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During this Covid-19 endemic, we understand a little help goes a long way. RDSS strives to support our beneficiaries in ways that we can. We do not wish to add on the confusion and anxiety already being faced by us, as parents of a child with a rare disorder. Therefore, we have come up with this informative guide to give you a clearer understanding of our application processes of the various schemes. We appreciate your patience and understanding over the years.

We will also want to thank co founders, Kenneth and Patricia, who have been volunteering their time to help raise awareness for the rare and to gather more funds. And also we are grateful for Shu Hui who has been working hard to process the claims and to attend to frequent enquiries by our parents.

Refer to the following guide to know more about the various schemes RDSS has in place to help you and your family in this journey. You may download the form and proceed with your application only after reading carefully the FAQ and the respective financial support guideline. 

Beneficiaries can deem schemes are ongoing, till notice given officially by RDSS. Please take note the respective DEADLINES and submit your applications ON TIME. Any forms that failed to reach RDSS within the reasonably given timeline will be REJECTED.

  1. Medical Intervention Subsidy (Medical consumables, treatments etc.)
  2. Power For Life (Patients who use ventilator for long term)
  3. Special Milk Formula Subsidy (Prescribed milk by doctor to manage medical condition)
  4. Optical / Dental Subsidy
  5. Therapy Support Subsidy

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) BEFORE submitting your application(s):

*NEW* Therapy Support Subsidy
Q : Who can apply for Therapy Support Scheme (TSS)?
A : TSS is opened to ALL registered RDSS beneficiaries. Under TSS, you are eligible to claim up to $1,200 per financial year (from 1 June to 30 April). Details about the scheme can be found in the guide, which can be downloaded below.

Q : Who can apply for Medical Intervention Scheme (MIS)?
A : MIS is open to ALL registered RDSS beneficiaries. Under MIS, you are eligible to claim up to $400 per financial year (from 1 June to 30 April). Details about the scheme can be found in the guide, which can be downloaded below.

Q : Who can apply for Power For Life Scheme (PFL)?
A : All registered RDSS beneficiaries who are using ventilators (BiPAP or CPAP) at home are eligible to apply for this scheme. The reimbursement amount is based on usage time and divided into these two categories – usage of more than 12 hours per day (capped at $80) and usage of less than 12 hours per day (capped at $40). Please note that an annual application is required from the beneficiary even if he/she requires long term ventilation support. All applications must only be endorsed by either a medical doctor, a medical social worker or a home care/palliative nursing personnel. Applications must be submitted between 1 June to 30 September (latest), to allow sufficient processing time. Late submissions will not be entertained.

Q : Who can apply for Special Formula Subsidy (SFS)?
A : SFS is applicable to a group of registered RDSS beneficiaries who are diagnosed with rare metabolic disorders (such as HCU, MMA, MSUD, PKU & UCD etc). Special metabolic formulas are usually prescribed by the attending doctor or dietician managing the patient’s condition. The special formulas are not available in normal retail market and some are imported from overseas. These formulas are very expensive and a small can (500 gm) can cost between $80 to $100 or even more.

Q : Who can apply for Optical/Dental Subsidy (ODS)?
A : Beneficiaries who are not under support from PFL or SFS are eligible to apply for ODS. ODS is divided into 2 categories – Optical (capped at $480 per year) and Dental (capped $480 per year) subsidies. Beneficaries are allowed to claim for both categories. However,if a beneficiary spent more than $480 (eg. $500) for either optical or oral, he/she will not be able to claim the balance ($20) under the other category. Likewise, should the beneficiary spent lesser than $480 (eg. $300) on one of the categories, the balance ($180) credit cannot be brought forward to the other category.

Q : If I am currently on PFL scheme, can I still apply for other forms of financial support?
A : You can still apply for MIS (subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme, as well as submission of the required documents) but not the remaining schemes.

Q : Am I eligible to apply for PFL, SFS and ODS all at the same time?
A : No. Each beneficiary is only allowed to apply for ONE of the three schemes under PFL, SFS and ODS. This will allow more beneficiaries to receive financial support from RDSS.

Q : I have the invoices but no proof of payment such as the official receipts, can I still claim?
A : No. Claims under the scheme are on reimbursement basis, hence we can only accept applications where the expenses have been paid by the beneficiary/applicant (for the benefit of the beneficiary). In addition, RDSS is a Charity which is subjected to audit by MOH at end of every financial year (our financial year starts on 1 June and ends at 31 May). The relevant receipts form part of the supporting documents to prove that the funds are used in a proper manner, for goods and services that support RDSS beneficiaries. Please refer to the guide below for more information.

Q : Can I just send a screenshot of my application form via email?
A : No. Hard copies of the original application forms and supporting documents have to be mailed to RDSS’s registered address or to the “Subsidy Form Mailing Address” indicated in the application form. Please do not hand-deliver the documents to any of the addresses, as we will not be responsible for any lost documents or leakage of personal data. Please refer to the guide for the SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS required under the respective schemes.

We encourage parents to keep a soft copy of the application form and supporting documents as a back-up,  in case the documents get lost in the mail.

Q : Can the endorsement of the forms be digitally signed?
A : No. Kindly fill up the forms and get the necessary endorsement from authorised people as indicated in the application form. RDSS needs to see the original inked signature of the authorised personnel and institution stamp on the application.

Q : Can I still submit if it is after the cut off date
A : No. We do not accept any appeals for applications received after the cut-off date.

Download the application forms and guide here:

Medical Intervention Scheme
Guide to apply for Medical Intervention Scheme Up to $400 per beneficiary for each financial year 30 August

30 November

30 April

Power For Life Program
Guide to apply for Power For Life Scheme Up to $80 per month for beneficiary using ventilator on long term basis 30 September28 February
Special Formula Subsidy
Guide to apply for Special Formula Subsidy $80 per month per beneficiary who needs unique formula as part of their dietary requirements 30 November30 April
Optical / Dental Subsidy
Guide to apply for Optical / Dental Subsidy $480 (Dental)
$480 (Optical) per beneficiary for each financial year
30 November

30 April

Therapy Support Subsidy
Guide to apply for Therapy Support Subsidy Up to $1,200 per beneficiary for each financial year 30 November

30 April