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Hi to all the amazing Daddies, Mommies and the little fighting warriors.

Our girl Hazel was born perfectly fine and healthy in August 2011. She was rushed to hospital in Nov and was suspected to be suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome. She was taken care by a nanny, but no evidence that it was done by her so nothing was done by the police.

She went into seizures many times that night and was admitted to ICU. The doctor put her on many high dosages of medicine to keep her seizures under control. Doctor told us that she has brain injury, eye vessels burst, and needs to put a tube in her head to drain out the fluid as the pressure is very high.

She was sedated for almost 2 weeks. Slowly recovering and discharged in Dec. Good times doesn’t last and she was back to KKH in end Jan 2012, this time round she is diagnosed to have Infantile Spasm (West Syndrome). She was given steriods to keep her spasms under control. Took it for nearly 8 months which during this period of time, she was very puffy, eyesight couldn’t focus, and the puffiness affected her movements. After we weaned her off the steriods for a month, her spasms came back till now. Neurologist doesn’t want to start a treatment with her yet, and we are hoping for the best.

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    • Malcolm
    • 16/08/2017

    Hi, I believe I may have a relative with the same issue. May I ask how Hazel is doing?

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