Kids Programme (4 years old – 13 years old)

Love Is Not Rare

The kids Programme is fully organised by the Befrienders.  We believe that every sibling has a story to share and tell. Events would be fully catered for special needs siblings and facilitated by older siblings.

Due to the pandemic, most events are now being held online. RDSS Befrienders have carefully planned 2 events over the last 2 years of our pandemic. Our first event held online was “Coming alongside”. Siblings gathered together for a time of fellowship and gaming.












“You have a Superpower too” was organised by 4 siblings aged 15-18 years old. ( Wanting, Michael, Yao Kang and Amanda)  The idea behind this event was to allow the siblings to know that their loves for their special needs sibling is like a special superpower given to them.  For them to understand that they are superheroes in their own way as well.

The event started off with a color competition and word search. We then went on with amazing race. This amazing race was not like any other amazing races we know. It was carefully planned so that each sibling would be able to feel whats like to have a “disability”


“Friendship Day” was held in June 2019. RDSS siblings were able to have fun time of getting together and having a time of laser tag. The beneficiaries of RDSS were able to even play together with their siblings in the lazer tag arena.