RDSS Siblings Support

We Carry Hope

Having a child diagnosed with a rare disorder, not only affects the child itself but everyone around this includes the older sibling or the younger.

At RDSS, we have a wide spectrum of siblings and we offer two different programmes:

  1. Befriender Programme (14 years old and above)
    This programme is led by Amanda Ng (ClubRainbow Exemplary sibling Awardee 2018) and Shuy Yao Kang. The Befriender programme allows teens to explore their strengths for example, Emcee-ing for an event or card designing. We help them discover their strengths, empower it to allow them to share their experience with younger siblings. The Befrienders would be incharge of planning two event, one in June and December for the kids programme.
  2. Kids Programme ( 4 years – 13 years old)
    We focus on allowing the young siblings know that they are not alone on this journey. With the Befrienders (older siblings) as their role models, we hope that we would allow these young siblings understand their special needs sibling through stories and games. Look out for events hosted twice a year.