We Carry Hope

Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) is a registered charity and governed by constitution approved by MOH.

To ensure good governance and management, a Board of Directors were elected to act in the best interest of RDSS and they are actively involved in the management and decision making process, and jointly make decisions as a Board on policy matters.

The board members of Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) comprise entirely of volunteers. They do not receive payment for their services to the Society.

RDSS governing board members

  1. Exercise strict control over financial matters of the charity in order to:
      • Ensure the charity remains solvent;

      • Ensure charitable funds and assets are used reasonably, and only for the furtherance of the charity’s objects; and

      • Avoid undertaking activities that will place charity funds, assets and reputation at undue risks;

      • Ensure that the charity complies with the Charities Act and Regulations, and with the requirements of the Office of the Commissioner of Charities or Sector Administrators

  2. Stay true to the charitable purposes and objects, and abide by the rules set out in the charity’s governing instrument;

  3. Ensure proper management of the charity such that it is not opened to abuse and avoid conflict of interests.

Day-to-day operations are managed by a team of volunteers who are appointed to be the Office bearers and they meet regularly and manage the daily running of the Society.  These volunteers are devoted to create a loving society for children living with rare disorders.

Chief Rare Advocate : Kenneth Mah
Deputy Chief Rare Advocate : Phua Wee Seng
Head, Community Partnerships & Marketing : Francesca Khor
Head, PR & Communications + Deputy Director, Public Partnership : Min Sun
Deputy Director, Agency Partnership : Mary Lee 
Head, Programme & Services : Jasmine Lee
Deputy Director, Caregivers Programme & Befrienders : Wendy Loh
Head, Youth Rare Advocate : Amanda Ng
Finance Manager : Tay Shuhui