Carry Hope 2023 Walk-A-Jog 7.7KM Challenge

Guest of Honor: Minister For Health, Mr Ong Ye Kung

See you on 26th February 2023 at 100PLUS Promenade, Gate 2!
Start Pen opens at 7am.

Carry Hope 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. So many pricings! How do I choose?
i. General rule: Come in teams of 5! A lot cheaper.
ii. Past Carry Hope Ambassador? Remember to exercise your loyalty code which should have been sent to your email.
iii. Want more discount? Have a chat with your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /HR team. Ask them to email for corporate sign up discount.

2. I am a past Carry Hope Ambassador, is there a category with no purchase of sloths?
Nope, but we are offering a loyalty code on top of the early bird discount! So do grab your tickets early. Better still if you come join us in a team of 5! Gather your friends!

3. I am not from Singapore; can I still purchase the tickets?
We thank you for your support and we’d like to direct you to our main fundraising page ( Carry Hope 2023) for you to help the beneficiaries with your donation.

4. Why is there a big price difference between corporate and non-corporate prices?
One of the key objectives of our CARRY HOPE 2023 7.7Km Walk-A-Jog Challenge is to increase the public’s awareness on rare diseases and the patient community. Hence, we are aiming to gather >700 participants. Do gather more colleagues with you and talk with your HR / CSR team to get them obtain the unique corporate sign up discount.

5. What is the deadline for registering CARRY HOPE 2023 7.7Km Walk-A-Jog Challenge?
The registration deadline is by 31st January 2023. Do register by 31st December to enjoy early bird discount across all categories!

6. Is it a must to register for fundraising too?
Nope. Fundraising is optional for whoever wants to help RDSS and contribute by forming a funding raising team and participating in our fundraising challenge. It is easy to fundraise! Do a bit more to help improve the quality of lives for our beneficiaries. Simply indicate in your registration that you would like to be a fundraise and we would get in touch with you soon. Stand a chance to win 1set Lumos Ray Smart Projector when you indicate that you want to be our fundraiser before the early bird registration ends.

7. Is it fine if I have registered the 7.7km challenge but not join it due to time conflicts?
We would like to thank you for your participation and support still! The purpose of our event is to raise awareness as well as fundraising for patients with rare diseases in Singapore. Once you registered the event, you will nevertheless receive your race back by post.

8. What time is the event?
We will start gathering at 7am. Run will be flagged off for both 4km & 7.7km at 7.30am (to be confirmed). Remember to come in your race tee, and to put on your wrist tags to redeem freebies and beverages from our sponsors!

9. Only one tee shirt size is asked for during registration for Family of 4 and Team of 5. How do I go about updating for the rest of the teammates?

We will be contacting you soon in obtaining the details of the rest of the teammates! Please remember to check your junk mail periodically as sometimes our mails from do get filtered off as junk emails.

10.     Tee Shirt Sizes Available
Tee Shirt Size

11. What’s in the Race Pack?
Please see below summary table for your reference.

12. How do I collect it?
Please indicate your residential address during registration and your running pack will be shipped to you via courier service.

13. Where does the race start?
We will flag off at 100plus Promenade @ Singapore Sports Hub at 7 am in the morning.

14. Is it a race? Will there be prizes?
The event is more of a challenge to complete 4 KM or 7.7 KM in support of RDSS’s Carry Hope 20223 fundraising campaign. We thank you for your support and please do stay after finishing the race to join carnival, enjoy the F&B options and interact with our members and beneficiary families too.


15. What do I need to prepare for the day of the race? ID? Water?
All participants are advised to travel light and must have their race tag to enter the run. We encouraged you to come in our RDSS race tee. Do note that there will be an exciting carnival after the run.

16. How should I notify you on my social media postings?
Feel free to add the hashtag #CarryHopeRDSS and @our social media account as below so we will be notified.
– FB:
– Instagram: @RDSS_SG
– LinkedIn: Rare Disorders Society (Singapore)

17. When is the timeline for fundraising?
This year our fundraising will kick start on the in person run, Carry Hope 2023 7.7KM Walk-A-Jog Challenge on the 26th February. The fundraising campaign will last 2 months and ends on 30th April.

18. Do I have to form a team of 5 to carry out fundraising campaign for Carry Hope 2023?
Nope there is no limitation on the fundraising participation. Individuals are welcomed to participate and pledge an amount of their choice.

19. How should I determine the target amount of fundraising for my or my team’s page?
You can estimate it based on your estimation on how much fund you could raise among your family and friends. You can also involve your social media network for this purpose- it’s usually safer to set the target higher than your estimates.

20. Can I change the target amount afterwards?
Yes, we will be able to edit your target amount in your campaign’s page.


21. How are the funds going to be used?
Which organization or beneficiaries would it go to?

All proceeds are to be distributed for charitable causes, as follows:
• 30% will be donated to Singapore’s Rare Disease Fund (RDF) where a 3-to-1 matching from government will be applied. The Rare Disease Fund (RDF) is a charity fund that seeks to provide long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high cost medicines. The RDF is managed by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) Health Fund (part of SingHealth Fund). It has the support of the Ministry of Health and provides a platform for the community and Government to come together to support patients with rare diseases over their lifetime. The RDF provides long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high-cost medicines. It is a last line of support for patients after other financial schemes.
• 70% will be managed by Rare Disorder Society Singapore (RDSS) to support our beneficiary who depend on certain medical equipment (e.g., ventilator, oxygenator, oximeter), special dietary requirements and certain medication to prevent their condition from deteriorating.
• We support our beneficiaries through the below list of schemes:

22. What are the forms of participation for corporate?
We welcome all sorts of participation and discussion on it if the below options do not meet your requirements:

1) Sponsor the event (We do have different tiers of sponsorship acknowledgement – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

2) Send in multiple Teams of 5 to participate in Carry Hope 2023 7.7KM Walk-A-Jog
Challenge. Please contact us for the Corporate Discount Code.

3) Set up a corporate fundraising team to rally behind RDSS beneficiaries – a unique page will be set up for you on

Please email to Francesca, Vice-Chairman of Carry Hope 2023,  if you would like to discuss more!

23. What is the platform / payment methods for donation?
You may make donations via our main Carry Hope 2023 Campaign donation page here: Carry Hope 2023

25. Where exactly is the flag off for the run for both 4 KM /7.7 KM? How do I get there?
The official flag off point will be at 100plus Promenade @ Singapore Sports Hub. It is located at level 3 of National Stadium. It is easily accessible by bus, MRT or car. On the actual day, there will clear signs to guide you to reach there. Click here to find out more details on how to get there.