Children living with rare diseases faced different challenges in life. Some of the challenges required substantial amount of financial support that added additional burden to the family.

Instead of making donations to our society, you may wish to make a pledge to the child directly. You can select who you wish to support and donate an amount or sponsor in full for the child’s need.

Alternatively, you may choose to make an donation to support our programs so that more members are supported.


Danielle needs a new Bi-PAP ventilator urgently

This cause has been fully funded. Thank you Ms Mei Leng & friends, brothers & sisters from Church Everyday Ministry, Karon Ng and Lin Shufen your your kind donations.

$9100 Donated
100% Funded

Caelen needs a BiPAP ventilator

Caelen was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 when he was 10 months old.
Thank you for your support, Caelen has managed to get a ventilator now.

$10000 Donated
100% Funded
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