Written by Jamie, Yujia’s Mummy

I am the mother of Baby Yujia and we are raising funds for Yujia to get treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital to fix her Esophagus.

Baby Yujia is born with esophageal atresia and multiple anomalies. It is a rare birth defect that unfortunately happens to her. She is not able to eat anything since her birth til now because her esophagus is not connected to her stomach. This requires definite surgery to join them together. It may sound simple but unfortunately it is not as easy as it seemed. She has been staying in hospital pretty much most of her life and recently just discharged but this is not the end of the story.

Our Goal
To be honest , we never thought we would be able to go for it. As soon as we know about the cost of the hospital bills, we didn’t even dare to think about it. Because the fees are just too high for us. But everyday when I suction my baby (I need to suction her every 2-3hours), each time when I see her suffer, I felt I needed to do something. If today her saliva can flow down but cannot eat, I thought I could live with it. But the problem is she cannot even swallow her own saliva, not to mention any water and food. I thought we needed to do something. The determination grows stronger each day and finally I came across a similar case in Australia. I saw that the mummy is raising funds for her daughter to go to Boston Children’s hospital and that is what really put me to set my mind on starting this campaign. I need to say that seeing them making so much effort to raise funds for their daughter gave us strength and hope too.

The Surgery medical bills is estimated at SGD 1.75 million. As we are not US citizen, we are not covered by any insurance should we go to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment. We hope to raise enough funds to her our baby girl to get her esophagus fixed and we really hope to see her eat by her mouth soon.

We really appreciate your kindness and hope that you can help us share our story and reach our goal. Your kind donation will help Baby Yujia to finally be able to eat by her mouth.

Bringing Hope to Baby Yujia
We just hope that our baby can be free from physical suffering and be happy. She has been through too much for her age. Yujia medical case is rare and complicated and our doctors here had already done their best. In Singapore, there is probably less than 10 known cases in the last 20 years. We searched online and found boston children’s hospital and they specialised in treating such conditions. It seemed like our best choice and only way out. However the bills are too huge for us to bear therefore we decided to give it a shot through this fundraising platform and hope for the best.

All I hope is to see my daughter be free from physical suffering. And that’s the least and the only thing I wish for. To help her solve the esophagus issue is definitely going to be life changing for her and for us. She cannot be like a normal kid right now , she cannot go out for too long, she cannot eat normally. And this can be treated. I really hope that this day will come when I can bring her out without bringing out the suction machine or worry she will get choke when she is sleeping at night and most importantly eat by mouth like you and I.

All these are taken in the first 2 weeks of yujia’s life. Taken at KKH Neonatal ICU.

You can get in touch with me at jamieyun.jmy@gmail.com

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