Cheryll is two years old this year.

During my pregnancy, the doctor did not detect any abnormalities and she was born a full term baby. Thing started to change when she was two months old as I discovered that she had seizures. 2015-10-11 17.07.45As first time parent, we thought she was just having some cramps on her feet. But it got worst and she started rolling her eyes and body started shaking too. We brought her to the hospital immediately and she was admitted for further investigation.

Cheryll underwent blood tests, CT Scan and MRI during this period and it was suffering for us to see her going through all these. They came back with a diagnosis to her condition – Lissencephaly (flat brain)….

I couldn’t accept the fact that my child has a rare condition and all I want to know was how this disease will effect Cheryll’s development. Will she be suffering a lot? Is she going to have a lot of pain? Will she be badly affected by this condition? Can she lead a normal life? However, doctors couldn’t advice at the moment because the severity each patients with Lissencephaly differ. We didn’t choose to believe the diagnosis so we brought her home and hope for the best. We hope she will start to sit on her own, stand up, feed herself and finally call mom and dad. But all these didn’t happen…

Despite not seeing improvement to Cheryll’s condition, my husband and I refused to give up hope. Out of desperation, we turn to religion and fengshui to help with Chreyll’s condition. We even chose to believe that by changing her name will bring good luck and make her well. However, our effort did not make her better as she seizures got worst and the dosage to control it got higher and higher. The doctor even added extra medications to attempt to control her seizures.

Through a family in Cheryll’s school, we were introduce to Osteopathic therapy. We started to send Cheryll for this therapy every week and after 10 sessions with the therapist, we were glad to notice some improvement on her. The frequency of getting seizures was reduced and she was more alert during classes in school. Recently, she started to make eye contact with us and the doctor has since reduced the dosage of her medication.

We are happy to see Cheryll making progress through Osteopathic therapy. But as a low income familycheryll (daddy is the sole breadwinner of the family), we couldn’t afford to bring her for regular therapy because each session cost $100 and we are looking at paying at least $800.00 to $1000.00 a month for her treatment.

At the moment, RDSS is helping the family with $400.00 of the therapy cost but this is not enough. We are hoping to raise some fund through RDSS and other crowdfunding portal to help our family with her therapy.

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