Who is Sarah?

Swee Sarah, a feisty trachy warrior! Sarah is already 8 years old and she definitely has come a long way! Born at week 38 via elective Csect, Sarah was born with stridor and not able to swallow. She has facial palsy on the left side of her face, is non-verbal, and non-mobile.

Her journey

She has gone under knives to have two extra holes opened on her. One that helps secure her airway, and the other for her feeding. Even though we have been through the full exome sequencing, science still cannot explain to us at this point in time, why Sarah is so unique and special in her own ways.

Even so, Sarah has shown and proven to us yet again, every human is the same on earth, despite how unique and special we are. We can feel and understand in our own ways. The difference is how we express ourselves.

How did we keep going?

Our humble family of four is thankful to have met other families from RDSS who are also journeying in this vast sea of special parenthood. We know that we are never alone in this journey with the strong bond and love from the community.

Show empathy and not sympathy, because we are just as ordinary. Having a special child doesn’t make us extraordinary special. Love is not Rare.