Who is Janelle?
Hi my name is Joanne and my daughter is Janelle who is 11 years old. She was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Global Development Delay at age of 1 year plus old. Currently, she is schooling at Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive.

Her journey
It took us a while to accept her diagnosis because everything seemed well when she was eating and sitting normally at few months old. Taking care of her was hard and difficult in the beginning because both my husband and I had to work to support the family. We took turns to bring her to the hospital for her therapies and check-up and soon our family grew as I was pregnant with my second child, and a few years later, with my third child.

How did we keep going?
We knew we had to do whatever it takes to help her unleash her potential as she is our child. We also want her to be always so happy. Luck is on my side as I have a good helper who takes very good care of Janelle. She helps in bathing and dressing her up, feeding her, bringing her to the school. She is also very independent as she is able to bring Janelle for therapies when I am busy at work.

I was introduced to RDSS years back. Through the society, I got to know many other super mummies whom their child also has special needs. They are all doing very well taking care of their child and family.

We share our own journey and experiences and have a lot of fun during the gatherings. RDSS provides some financial subsidy that helps lessen our financial burden.

I want to convey this message to all special need child parents that you are not alone. Our child is a gift from God. We have to unwrap this gift that we are blessed with. Your journey maybe not the same as others, but we just have to journey along, and treasure every moment that we have with our special one.💞 We will never know when we will leave each other.

Love is not Rare.