Who is Xin Ying?

Our lovely daughter Xing Ying turns 12 this year. She was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder known as Pachygyria. This condition hampers her development since birth. She has speech and mobility issues. At this age, Xing Ying uses a special buggy to move her around. When she needs help, she will show in her body language, letting us know that she may not be comfortable. And she can only consume orally softer textured food and milk prescribed by the nutritionist.

Our journey

As her parents and caregivers, we have learnt to accept her condition since birth. We understand her needs and wants and helped Xing Ying to unleash her potential as a child. The goals that we set for her are as simple as having a pair of strong and healthy lungs so that we can stay by her side longer.


Xing Ying is simply special! For the past 12years, she has taught and guided us, in her own ways, on how we can help her manage physically and mentally. She is a fighter and a role model for her brothers and sister. Xing Ying has three younger siblings age 10, 9 and 5. They have journeyed together with Xing Ying and have been giving their love to her all this while!

How did we keep going?

RDSS plays a critical role in parenting our special needs and their siblings.

We get to know other parents through the parents networking sessions. The siblings of the beneficiary get to bond together through events that are specially planned and executed by the older siblings. Through the gatherings, the beneficiaries also get to participate in activities together with their family. This journey is never walked alone.

Children with special needs are amazing! They are only normal children with simply different needs and they too, are role models to their love ones. We are immensely proud of our beloved Xing Ying!

Remember, Love is Not Rare!